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"Beliefs influence Actions

Education provides Insight

Actions requires Courage

Growth creates Confidence"

- Michael Martinez, Founder
Live, Learn, Grow Wealth Management





Based in Southern California, LLG Wealth Management provides Financial Planning and Investment Management education and solutions to individuals and families.

LLG Wealth Management has a particular strength in providing financial planning to individuals in blended families or on the path to combining their families.  Founder, Michael Martinez, a Certified Financial Planner, being a father and step-father in a blended family himself, understands the challenges and joy that combining two families provides.  

Blended families are individuals who live together either as cohabitants or are married, and have children from an existing or previous relationship.  Those who have chosen to adopt are another type of blended family dynamic.  As blended families become more commonplace in our society, the challenges of aligning various perspectives, behaviors and values towards money may seem overwhelming with respect to:

  • Saving, spending and investing beliefs
  • Family values, roles and responsibilities
  • Protecting assets and separate property planning  
  • Budget and family goals
  • Tax considerations
  • Wealth transfer and Inheritance

We understand the obstacles blended families face.  We provide the education and planning strategies needed to address the objectives of “keeping things fair” and “protecting our loved ones”.  

Many of these questions require expertise from tax and legal professionals.  We will work together with these other professionals as needed to provide you a comprehensive understanding of how various actions and decisions can impact your family.

Meet Michael J. Martinez, CFP®, CRPC®

Michael J. Martinez

Michael Martinez is the Founder of Live, Learn, Grow Wealth Management, LLC.  Michael has worked in the financial services industry for nearly a decade, first in the late 1990’s and then returning to the industry in 2011.  He likes to say that the reason he entered the industry is because, “we all need support and I enjoy helping people”.

Michael received a Bachelor of Science in Administration with a Finance Concentration from California State University, San Bernardino.  He began his career at a large broker/dealer.  While it was certainly valuable experience, Michael believed that the best way to help people enjoy their journey towards achieving their goals was to establish his own Registered Investment Advisory firm which led him to forming Live, Learn, Grow Wealth Management, LLC.

Michael has worked hard to study and develop a platform that supports the needs of his clients.  He finds the greatest enjoyment in working with a select group of clients who can utilize his expertise in their lives.  Michael labors to build strong and lasting ties with his clients and takes great pride in their personal and financial success through education, understanding and growth.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys spending time with family and friends, riding Harley’s and attempting to hit a golf ball. 


We all have unique dreams and goals, but what they have in common is the goal to be happy.  To understand and help obtain your version of happy, we implement our 4-step process.

Step 1:


We begin with a conversation of the LLG Wealth Management 6 core values and how they are applied to our work together:

  • Knowledge
  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Decisiveness
  • Discipline

These values emphasize our commitment to establishing long-term relationships and fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

Step 2:


The conversation moves to not only your ambitions, objectives and goals but also your concerns, anxieties and worries.  Our job is to support your purpose, comprehend your beliefs and craft a strategy that allows for growth and flexibility as your understanding of financial planning and investment management increases.

Step 3:


Based on the information you shared, we utilize our Financial Planning and Investment Management tools to create a sound Wealth Management plan customized to your needs.  

Externally, the objective is to develop actionable repeatable steps and strategies to assist you in achieving your goals.

Internally, the objective is to create awareness of where you stand, educate you on the possibilities available and   increase your confidence to move forward with the decisions and actions towards achieving your goals.

Step 4:


We understand that the only constant is change; therefore regularly scheduled meetings and communication allow us to make adjustments as your priorities shift and/or how global, national, state or local activities/actions can influence your goals and objectives.  The aim is to anticipate change, prepare to manage it and fine-tune as needed.


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Level 3

For those that believe in personalized advice with a minimally complex financial situation. Primary objective is understanding their whole picture.

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Level 2

For those that believe in personalized advice with a moderately complex financial situation. Commonly own property and focused on multiple goals.

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Level 1

For those that believe in personalized advice with a categorically complex financial situation. Generally own numerous properties, funding of various goals and owners of one or more business interests.


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